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Shearer Hills/Ridgeview
San Antonio, TX, 78216
United States

(210) 896-1317

A therapeutic bodywork studio in San Antonio, Texas, Gabi Marcus Bodyworks combines massage, movement, and a little bit of magic to help you feel your best. We are located just off Jones-Maltsberger and 281, between the Alamo Quarry and North Star Mall.




Some Resources I Love


Some Massage and Exercise Tools I Love

Yamuna Balls---A gentle, more precise alternative to foam rolling.  

M.E.L.T tools---Sue Hitzman hit the bestseller list with her new book on fascial rolling, M.E.L.T. She recommends her own very soft alternatives to foam rollers.

 My Favorite Foam Rollers---Here is my favorite. If you like to foam roll, please be gentle; try to “melt in” as a massage therapist would. (Please consult with a clinician before foam rolling or use at your own risk. It is not advisable for everyone.)

Back Buddy---The Body Back Buddy and products like it are great for massaging hard to reach spots. I have one you can try if you’re not sure you’re ready to buy.

SOME Websites I Love expert Katy Bowman's website, blog and videos give simple, practical tips for getting out of chronic pain and restoring health.  Particular focus on pregnancy, pelvic floor conditions and aging. website for all things P-DTR. (Don't know what P-DTR means? Here's a great resource!)'s best podcast for exploring movement, manual therapies, and conceptualizations of the body. precious resource for movement and the body---not just for musicians! David Weinstock's website and blog discuss the roots of NKT and common relationships a clinician might find. Perry Nickelston's website and articles give tips and tools for movement self-assessment and care. 

JUST A FEW OF THE Local Therapists I Love  


Vikki Howard
Melissa Howell 

Vikki and Melissa are both very caring, thoroughly trained therapists who are always learning.  Vikki is just north of downtown, Melissa is further north on 281.   


Suzi Hunter-McEwan, (210) 473-2977.  Suzi has a deeply caring and conscientious approach to helping support the body as it heals, as well as a wicked sense of humor.  


Jamie Carmody  Zero Balancing is a gentle, relaxing technique that aims to restore equilibrium in mind and body.  Jamie has completed all the levels of ZB and also teaches it.  

JUST A FEW OF THE Personal Trainers & Exercise Classes I Love

PERSONAL TRAINING---The following are excellent, compassionate trainers who individualize treatment for your body and your history.  

Stephanie Carter (yoga and psychology focus):   

Jane Goldstein (yoga and diverse fitness training): (210) 240-6141

Wiley Lee (Z-Health based movement and weight training): (512) 393-4514

Aida Zorilla (very precise, experienced Pilates and Booty Bar):  (210) 219-4324


Joanie Brooks is a NIA Black Belt teacher and trainer.  Her passion for Nia is contagious.  


Two Hearts Yoga  

Southtown Yoga Loft

Divine Yoga 

Nydia's Yoga Therapy